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In Movement


Who is it for?
The curious, the athlete, the coach, the dancer, the fighter, the parent, the grandparent, the disabled, the able. It is for the human body.

Ok, but what would I expect to do in a session?
Sessions vary accordingly to the context yet the focus on movement, communication and creativity remains. In practice, we play, interact with other bodies and/or objects and investigate how else we can take part to the movement situations proposed. We unplug from the everyday blind routine and open eyes onto our capacity to change through movement.

Why is it important?
Life presents unexpected and irregular challenges that requires adaptability and creativity. Our proposition aims at nurturing and nourishing the body movability intended as capacity to respond with ease and grace to the unknown. It is a complimentary physical practice that can support your development in life, sport and business. Try and experience on your skin!

Where can I find you?
I am based in Adelaide, Australia, where I run classes and private sessions. You may find me around the country for workshops yet if you are interested in working remotely, we can arrange that too.

I am interested in collaborating with you.
Me too, most likely. Let’s meet and discuss what may be possible.

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