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In Movement


We offer group classes and private training to minimise rigidity, bounce like cats, move with ease and feel more energy. We are human animals,

we do not train like robotic machines.

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Group Classes

Our classes focus on one or more of the following pillars, come and try the practice.


In Movement

We understand the importance of awareness and breathing to improve one's energy level. STILL In Movement refers to our gentle approach to improve your physical and mental well-being. Discover how you can move with ease and grace and feel better in your body. Minimise the body's disturbances and tensions to improve your dialogue with ground and gravity. Expand your connection, feel lighter and more grounded. Experience the difference in how you feel your body with us.

Awareness and Vitality
Stress and Anxiety


Private Training

The focus of our coaches is all on you to give you the most personalised experience possible. We do not impose nor yell at you, we propose movement situations tailored to your unique composition. We want to empower you to become a more adaptable and creative mover.


Our aim is to offer you a private space in which your physical training ripples on to your everyday life and keep you moving with joy for the long run. You are going to train to reboot your energy, feel the power and build the confidence to embrace change.

* Please enquire if you are interested in online coaching

Movement Practice


In Movement

FASCIA In Movement expresses our idea of moving the fascia, a system of connective tissue in your body. Our sessions are designed to release and improve the elasticity of the fascia, experience the benefits! Whether you are looking to recover from an injury or just want to improve your overall 'movability', we will guide you through unique sessions that can help you reduce pain and improve your overall physical function. Feel more energy and let it flow throughout your daily tasks. Join us and feel the difference in your body.

Connectivity and Elasticity
Blocks and Rigidity



In Movement

Coordination, improvisation, fluidity, and interaction are very important to us, they allow you to express yourself in a unique and creative way. RHYTHMS In Movement is our way of helping you to explore and strengthen your adaptability, while also having fun and unleashing your creativity. Become more comfortable in decoding patterns, perform with ageless athleticism and move as one animal. Find ease at speed and grace under pressure. Come, try and have fun with us.

Flexibility and Joy
Heaviness and Tiredness


Inspire by FM workshops are based on our experience with the FM practice*. They are open to any-body and any fitness level. We meet, we try, we play, we test and taste in movement.

*FM practice is developed by founders Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea through a deep study of cross motion analysis, and with the aim of understanding principles of human movement, communication and the ageing process.

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