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In Movement


We have a passion about movement and we love exploring what keeps us moving in the long run with ease and joy. We welcome diversity, provoke creativity and embrace change.

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Our Movement Compass



Refining sense perception deepens the connection within oneself and the external world. 'Sensing' allows us to tune in, test and taste who we are, what we do and how we do it.


We aim to better understand how we communicate with ourselves, others and the environment. We aim to be more aware in movement.



Attuning to oneself allows you to feel better and identify disturbances and restrictions that can be addressed. Physical training can be a great tool to re-move interference and restore movement capability.

We aim to create a more dynamic and flexible network of joints, a unity capable of moving again in a variety of ways.



Try. Wander. Play. Err outside of the path that someone else has already walked. Improvise, let yourself surprise yourself. Not always, but dare, you can.

We are committed to offer a safe and judgment free environment where we can expose, explore and express ourselves. We are interested in rich learning experiences so be ready to step into the unkwnon.



Every action communicates something about us.

How do we act when meeting an external demand?

How do we lead? How do we follow?

We provide a space where we can observe how we move with others and experiment how else we could do it, what other roles we can play. Movement interactions may be the closest experience to the complexity that life presents without tragic consequences.



The word 'create' originates from the root meaning 'to grow', to grow is to change. Change is inevitable yet we can engage in the process, be more aware, explore directions, playfully interact and enjoy the progress.

Become more available to yourself and the outer environments, embrace challenges that stimulate your physical and cognitive capacities, and enjoy the ripple effects in your life. Create Change In Movement.

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Our Story

Sport scientist by trade, I grew up training in Chinese martial arts. After years of working in commercial gyms as a personal trainer, my interest shifted towards Crossfit, MovNat and Parkour. Then, I crossed paths with the FM practice, Vegetative Training and Fascial Fitness.

Since then, playfulness and creativity in relation to communication and development have become of great interest to me.  It is through cultivating this interest that I have decided to share, through physical practices, how to embrace with confidence the ever changing nature of human moment, life, sport and career.

Yours In Movement,


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