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In Movement

We Are In Movement

Playful and creative training to rejoice moving


We believe physical movement can inspire transformation anytime, anywhere. We want to improve connection, resilience and adaptability and we are committed to help you find a welcoming and supportive environment to build confidence and energy for your next move!

It's time to develop ageless athleticism and PLAY in movement!

Practice With Us

You are allowed to enjoy

how you move, play and interact

Respect Your Unique Composition

think out of the box

express with creativity

Adelaide Private Coaching


Expand your mind, explore your creativity, and open yourself to PLAY in movement. Every action communicates something about us - how do we act when under pressure? How else could we?


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Group Classes


Welcoming to any-body, regardless of fitness level, designed on:

  • Stillness and focus

  • Rhythm and coordination

  • Fascia and elasticity

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Inspire by FM workshops are based on our experience with the FM practice. You can expect to explore movement situations to investigate and experience who we are, how we learn and how we interact.

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Play and re-joy your body through movement situations at your preferred location.​ Tip to go further, find a partner to move and be moved together.

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What People Are Saying

Fabian M, Social Worker

What a refreshing change from pushing weights. I am absolutely loving this new kind of training getting to know your body. I can’t speak highly enough of Ed’s training programs and the way he delivers it.

Sue G, Retiree

I feel like I'm much more flexible mentally and physically. I also feel stronger. I am no longer afraid of challenges or worrying that I cannot keep up with the group.  Part of that is my growth and confidence which you have given me during 1-1 training as well as  the individuals and nature of the group and your  group leadership. I think your work has helped me a lot with dancing too and the whole way I think about exercise in general.

Matthew R, Naturopath

I never really enjoyed the old ‘traditional’ isolated weight training sessions on the gym floor and wanted something more dynamic, functional and interesting. Ed’s classes keep me engaged and challenged in a variety of ways. Rather than leaving the gym exhausted I leave Ed’s classes feeling energised and connected.

Ozana M, Movement Coach

Eduardo's training and guidance was key to my overall understanding of my movement patterns and how to approach them. His feedback has been extremely clear, with an eye for every small detail. Kind and attentive to my personal needs, Eduardo is a coach with a vast knowledge on the body and interconnectivity.

I owe much of my progress to him, in terms of footwork, power, coordination and overall mobility. It was a pleasure to learn from him during each step of the process.

Anton B, Musician and Movement Coach

The first word that comes to mind when I think about Eduardo's coaching is 'clarity'.

When I started training with Eduardo I was surprised by how present and responsive he was, as if moved by deep interest in my process. Also by how he was able to make it fun and light even when we were taking the training very seriously.


I can only feel grateful and recommend his guidance to anyone interested in a professional, nourishing and vibrant approach to physical practice.

Oliver Z, Soccer Player and Movement Coach

My coaching experience with Eduardo is one that stands out above many other coaching experiences I’ve had.

He is a story teller and broadens the horizon for how we think about what we are doing in such a way that opens you to so much more. Without any judgement, rigidity and stiffness to how things “should” be.

I couldn’t recommend Eduardo any more highly. I am grateful for having shared a coaching process with him and I believe this will be greatly beneficial for anyone who wants to have a joyful, deeply nourishing approach to a practice that supports their life.

Luke S, ATA Owner and Director

With Eduardo's wealth of experience and knowledge my tennis and coaching has gone to the next level.


His sharp eye and visionary approach has helped me work on the fine details I have been missing for myself. This in turn has helped me take more responsibility for my self and my learning to become a better individual. A individual that takes better care of myself and has more insight and energy to help other athletes do the same for themselves.


It is a pleasure working with Eduardo, a truly caring and wise man who I would recommend to anyone.

Sally W, Retiree

I suffer from a brain disorder which has caused slowed movement, stiffness and rigidity and unsteadiness when walking.


My experience of working with Eduardo has been very positive. Through rhythm movement patterns and other exercises, he has helped restore my movement awareness, improved my gait and my balance and steadiness. Our sessions have always been challenging, but fun.

Physically, my posture is better as is my balance. I am walking much better and I now feel confident walking up and down stairs and getting on and off escalators. This has made a huge difference to my life from a practical perspective. It has also helped me to feel more confident.

Peter W, Determined2 Founder and Director

Eduardo was the right person at the right time, I had recently decided that I wanted to put some focus into improving my health, better movement was what I was looking to achieve.


13 years ago I sustained multiple serious injuries and had since given up hope that I could improve my situation. I met Eduardo by chance at just the right time, I have enjoyed Eduardo's approach to training and is dedication to offering tailored solutions to my specific needs, he has me moving better than I ever have and for that I am grateful.


The best skill he has taught me would be self observation and awareness. Eduardo is the best!

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